• Urban Water Tank Pumps

          These pumps are suitable for our Urban water tank range only. For rural tank pumps, please contact us for advice.

Water Tank And Cleaning Service

We offer a range of water tank cleaning packages from filter clean, tank desludge, to a total internal sanitise clean. All services are completed by our highly trained technicians. Book with confidence today!

We clean and maintain your water tank

Kingspan offers a range of maintenance clean and services on your rain water harvesting system.

Our range of services include:

· Tank desludge for tanks which has not been serviced for a few years

· Charged line clean

· Check and clean all filters – first flush, inlet strainer, leaf basket, pump filter, odor and sediment filters, and High-flow filter (if applicable).

· A pump functionality check

· Water tank structural inspection, including checking for leaks

· Tank foundation inspection

· Outside tank clean

For tanks that has not been serviced for a few years, we recommend that excess sludge is removed from the bottom of the tank to prevent it from getting into the pump that provides to your clothes washing machine and toilets.

And for tanks that has not been serviced at all for many years, we recommend a sanitise clean to remove all the sludge that has built up.

Tanks Service

Contactless water tank clean booking enquiry

We will be in touch with you within the next business day to organise a suitable time.

PackagesBronze PackageSilver PackageGold PackagePlatinum Package
PricingTanks up to 7,000 Litres
$220 inc. GST
Tanks up to 7,000 Litres
$240 inc. GST
Tanks up to 7,000 Litres
$420 inc. GST
Tanks up to 7,000 Litres
$600 inc. GST
Recommended for regular ongoing maintenance of your tank.Recommended when you notice staining or odour in your water.Recommended when your tank has not been serviced in the past few years.Recommended when your tank has not been serviced for a very long time.
Filter Cleaning or Replacement
- First flush
- Inlet Strainer
- Leaf Basket
- Pump Filter
- Odour and Sediment Filter
- High-flow (if applicable)
Pump Functionality Check
Outside Tank Clean
Charged Line Clean
*Desludge of Tank
Structural Integrity Inspection
Tank Foundation Inspection
**Internal Tank Sanitise Clean
Aquasafe Treatment

* The desludge process is undertaken externally by 1 technician outside of the tank
**  The sanitise clean process is undertaken internally by 2 technicians from within the tank

FREE 'Tank Water In Use Sign' With Any Packages Booked

For a limited time only, receive a FREE ‘Tank Water In Use’ sign for any service package that you book and completed by our service team.

Our Water Tank Cleaning Process

Our comprehensively researched and tested equipment is designed specifically for the urban environment. We can access most tanks located in residential properties – even small blocks – as well as servicing larger rural and commercial rainwater storage systems.

Water filtration

If you are using your tank water for drinking*, laundry, internal plumbing connection or irrigation, water filtration may be necessary to improve the water quality and avoid problems associated with tainted water.

*Please note: We do not recommend drinking tank water when a potable supply is available unless it is appropriately filtered to remove potentially harmful contaminants.

Call us at 1300 736 562 or fill in the form above to arrange a quote or book in a tank cleaning service.