• Urban Water Tank Pumps

          These pumps are suitable for our Urban water tank range only. For rural tank pumps, please contact us for advice.

Remote operated Vehicle Inspections (ROV)

Kingspan provide Water Storage Tank ROV Inspections for most tank types and storage applications.

Remote Operated Vehicle Inspections allow your Tank asset to be Internally Inspected without the need to drain the tank meaning you don’t have to contact your Insurers or the local Fire Brigade or perhaps arrange an out of hours tank drain. The operation is also safer way to perform a visual internal inspection of your tank without using Divers or the need to enter a partially or fully confined space.

We offer our clients AS1851 / AS2304 Fire Tank Inspections in NSW, VIC, WA, and QLD using our Trained Site Technicians. By means of our purpose made App and cloud based online reporting system, we provide a full detailed report on the condition of the inside of your Tank.

Some of the storage applications we inspect are for Fire, Potable, Stormwater, Dust Suppression, Chilled, Process Water Tanks at Schools, Warehouses, Mine sites, Hotels, High rise buildings and industrial estates.

We inspect round, square, and rectangular tanks. Our ROV operators are Trained to Inspect components of your Tank asset and our reports will include photo or video images showing the condition of liners, water quality, sludge, silt, nozzles, ladders, level indicators, roof structure, tie rods, braces, brackets, seismic restraints, nuts, bolts, washers, gaskets, seals and more. Our reports also include recommendations for Service, or Maintenance to ensure you maintain the asset and help achieve its Service and Design life.

ROV inspections can also help detect defects, corrosion, or items in need of repair or replacement ensuring risks are minimised and structural integrity is not compromised.

Our ROV features:

  • 4K Resolution UHD EIS Camera, 12M Pixel
  • 4000 Lumen LED Lights
  • 3 Knots Speed
  • Can dive to 100m
  • Allows omni movement in all directions
  • Has 8 vectored thrusters
  • Can be deployed in 3 minutes
  • Operating temperature of -10 Deg C to + 45Deg C

Send us your enquiry today with details of the tank(s) to be inspected using our ROV equipment and we will provide a quotation.

For more information, call our service team directly at 1300 736 562 or email service.au@kingspan.com.