• Urban Water Tank Pumps

          These pumps are suitable for our Urban water tank range only. For rural tank pumps, please contact us for advice.


Download brochures, installation guides, data sheets and many more.

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Urban Product – Brochures

Kingspan Water Tanks Urban Made To Measure Brochure

Kingspan Water Tanks Urban Owner’s Manual

Kingspan Water Tanks Urban Tank Pad Preparation

Kingspan Onsite Detention & Retention Tank Brochure

High Flow Filter Brochure

High Flow Filter Sleeve Brochure

Kingspan Tank Sensor Brochure

KPoly Pad Preparation

KPOLY Product Brochure

Urban Product – Colour Guide

Urban Tank Colour Guide Sydney

Urban Tank Colour Guide Melbourne

Urban Tank Colour Guide Brisbane

Urban Product – Data Sheets

Slimline Tank Data Sheet

Round Tank Data Sheet

Modline Tank Data Sheet

Square Tank Data Sheet

Tank Sensor Data Sheet

High Flow Filter Technical Data Sheet
Garantia Lilo Underground Tanks Data Sheet
Evolution MkIV Data Sheet – Grundfos
Evolution MkIV Data Sheet – Claytech

Urban Product – Rough In Guides

Evolution MkIV Rough In Guide
Garantia Lilo Underground Tank Rough In Guide

Urban Product – Warranty Information

KPoly Warranty

Urban Water Tank Warranty

Rural Product – Brochures

Kingspan Rural Tank Owner’s Manual

Rural Base Pad Preparation Guidelines
Hi-Flow Leaf Basket Product Specifications and Testing Data

Commercial Tanks – Brochures

Commercial Water Tank Brochure