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In today’s world, sustainability and eco-friendliness have become more than just buzzwords; they are a way of life. As people become increasingly conscious of their environmental impact, sustainable practices are being incorporated into every aspect of daily living. One area where sustainability and functionality merge seamlessly, is in the realm of gardening. Kingspan Water Tanks’ Garden Beds exemplify this fusion, offering eco-conscious individuals the opportunity to create lush, vibrant gardens while contributing to a greener planet.

Made to Measure for Every Space

Kingspan Water Tanks, a renowned name in the water storage industry, brings its expertise to the world of gardening with their Made to Measure Garden Beds. These garden beds are available in both round and slimline shapes, catering to various aesthetic preferences and space constraints. Whether you have a sprawling garden or a cosy urban balcony, Kingspan has the perfect garden bed to fit seamlessly into your space.


One of the standout features of Kingspan’s garden beds is their construction with AQUAPLATE® steel. This material is renowned for its exceptional durability and resistance to corrosion. A garden bed made from AQUAPLATE® steel is built to withstand the test of time and the rigors of outdoor use, ensuring your garden thrives for years to come.

The Australian Touch

Kingspan Water Tanks proudly boasts the “Made in Australia” label. By choosing Kingspan, you are not only supporting a local business but also benefiting from products designed and crafted with a deep understanding of Australia’s unique climate and environmental conditions. These garden beds are built to endure the harsh Australian summers and the occasional heavy downpour.

Colorbond® Colours for Personalisation

Gardening is an art form, and aesthetics play a significant role in creating an inviting outdoor space. Kingspan understands the importance of personalisation and offers a wide range of Colorbond® colours to choose from. Whether you prefer a timeless, classic look or a more vibrant, contemporary feel, there’s a Colorbond® shade that will complement your style.

Fully Assembled and Ready for Planting

With Kingspan Water Tanks’ Garden Beds, the hassle of assembly is a thing of the past. These garden beds are delivered to your doorstep fully assembled and ready for planting. This not only saves you time and effort but also ensures that your garden gets off to the best possible start.

Choosing the Right Height for your Plants

Different plants have varying root system requirements, and Kingspan’s Garden Beds offer great flexibility in this regard. Whether you’re cultivating shallow-rooted flowers or deep-rooted vegetables, you can choose from a range of heights to suit your plants’ needs. This thoughtful feature ensures your garden thrives, and your plants flourish.

Eco-Conscious Gardening with Kingspan

By opting for Kingspan Water Tanks’ Garden Beds, you are not only investing in a beautiful garden but also contributing to a more sustainable future. These garden beds are made from durable materials that reduce the need for frequent replacements, minimizing waste. Additionally, their water-saving properties help conserve one of our planet’s most precious resources.

Kingspan Water Tanks’ Garden Beds offer an ideal solution for individuals looking to create stunning gardens while upholding eco-conscious values. Their commitment to quality, durability, and sustainability makes them a top choice for anyone seeking a greener, more beautiful outdoor space. Whether you’re an experienced gardener or just starting your green journey, Kingspan’s Made to Measure Garden Beds provide the perfect canvas for your gardening aspirations.

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