• Urban Water Tank Pumps

          These pumps are suitable for our Urban water tank range only. For rural tank pumps, please contact us for advice.

As a Kingspan Rural Water Tank owner, you can rest assured that our dedicated customer service and technical support teams will look after all of your after sale needs.

In the Rural Customer Support area you can find useful information and documents relating to your water tank, request technical assistance or even book a tank service directly with our friendly rural service team.

Water Tank Maintenance and Care

We have a list of regular maintenance that you can perform to keep your tank in its optimal condition.

Book a Tank Service

Is your tank due for a 5 yearly service? You can book your tank service by using our booking tool.

Liner Replacement

Does your tank require a liner replacement? We can supply and install a new one for your tank!

A Well Maintained Tank Goes A Long Way

Regularly maintaining your water tank will ensure that it lasts for a long time. In this case study, we have serviced a customer's tank where despite it's old age, it is still structurally strong and only required a liner replacement.