• Urban Water Tank Pumps

          These pumps are suitable for our Urban water tank range only. For rural tank pumps, please contact us for advice.

Thermal Imaging

Kingspan Commercial Tank Service Team offer our clients Thermal Imaging.

Using our Thermal imaging equipment and App Our Kingspan may detect heavy and severe corrosion on certain steel Tanks and around nozzle areas. The use of our Thermal Imaging equipment depends on the Tank Type and its application or the purpose of use of the stored contents.

Thermal Imaging may also be used to detect water levels of the stored contents where there is no mechanical, hydrostatic or sensor means or, the tank has no inspection hatch/access.

Thermal Imaging may also be used on insulated Chilled Water Storage tanks to understand the effectiveness of insulation or voids.   

For more information, call our service team directly at 1300 736 562 or email service.au@kingspan.com.

Send us your enquiry today with details of the tank(s) to be inspected using our Thermal Imaging equipment.