• Urban Water Tank Pumps

          These pumps are suitable for our Urban water tank range only. For rural tank pumps, please contact us for advice.

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Kingspan Rural Water Tanks

Synonymous with rural Australia’s scenery, and with thousands of tanks installed throughout Australia, you are bound to drive past one of our water tanks in rural Australia.

Why Choose Kingspan’s Range of Rhino and Heritage Tanks?

  • Australian Made
  • 20-year conditional warranty
  • Over 25 years in the industry
  • Installation Australia wide
  • Every tank made with Australian BlueScope ZINCALUME® and COLORBOND® steel
  • Generous inclusions
  • All tanks come with a multi-layer food grade liner
  • Trusted by tens of thousands of Australians

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Rhino Corrugated Tank

Kingspan Rhino Corrugated

Heritage Corrugated Tank

Kingspan Heritage Corrugated

Heritage Streamline Tank

Kingspan Heritage Streamline

Kingspan Rhino Tank – Corrugated Range

Made with genuine BlueScope steel and available in the full range of Colorbond colours.
RT-25 3.88m 2.2m 26,067
RT-40 4.86m 2.2m 40,730
RT-60 5.83m 2.2m 58,651
RT-80 6.80m 2.2m 79,831
RT-100 7.77m 2.2m 104,269
RT-130 8.74m 2.2m 131,966
RT-160 9.71m 2.2m 162,921
RT-200 10.68m 2.2m 197,143
RT-230 11.65m 2.2m 234,606
RT-275 12.62m 2.2m 275,336
RT-310 11.65m 2.9m 309,253
RT-365 12.62m 2.9m 362,943
Colorbond Colour Range for Rhino Water Tanks Colour Chart Rhino Rural Tank

Kingspan Heritage Tank – Corrugated Range

The tank with a gutter. Heritage range of water tanks can be fitted with a gutter so that you can harvest additional rainwater from the tank roof.
CT6 3.92m 2.27m 27,396
CT9 4.70m 2.27m 39,383
CT12 5.49m 2.27m 53,735
CT15 6.26m 2.27m 69,866
CT20 7.06m 2.27m 88,864
CT25 7.84m 2.27m 109,584
CT30 8.63m 2.27m 132,781
CT35 9.41m 2.27m 157,868
CT41 10.18m 2.27m 184,761
CT48 10.99m 2.27m 215,333
CT54 11.77m 2.27m 246,984
CT60 12.55m 2.27m 280,804
CT70 13.31m 2.27m 315,843
CT80 14.09m 2.27m 353,947
Colorbond Colour Range for Heritage Corrugated Water Tanks Colours Heritage Corrugated

Kingspan Heritage Tank – Streamline Range

The tank with a gutter. Heritage range of water tanks can be fitted with a gutter so that you can harvest additional rainwater from the tank roof.
HGT 55 5.49m 2.31m 54,682
HGT 75 6.26m 2.31m 71,097
HGT 90 7.06m 2.31m 90,430
HGT 110 7.84m 2.31m 111,515
HGT 135 8.63m 2.31m 135,121
HGT 160 9.41m 2.31m 160,650
HGT 188 10.18m 2.31m 188,017
HGT 220 10.99m 2.31m 219,128
HGT 250 11.77m 2.31m 251,336
HGT 285 12.55m 2.31m 285,752
Colorbond Colour Range for Heritage Streamline Water Tanks Colour Chart Heritage Streamline Tank NOTE: Sizes listed are gross capacities. Effective capacities vary depending on the size and position of inlets and outlets.

We can deliver our urban tanks up to a 450km distance from our factories, which covers many rural areas. Please use our URBAN TANK DELIVERY CALCULATOR to check if we can deliver this product range to your postcode.

Australian Made Water Tanks for Australian Conditions

Proudly Serving Australia For Over 25 Years

Kingspan, with it’s Rhino and Heritage range, is one of Australia’s leading steel water tank manufacturer. Our water tanks are trusted by Australia’s rural communities and businesses for their water security needs. 

Australian made with genuine BlueScope steel, Kingspan’s rural and commercial rainwater tanks are one of the most trusted and reliable manufacturers.