• Urban Water Tank Pumps

          These pumps are suitable for our Urban water tank range only. For rural tank pumps, please contact us for advice.

Roof & Truss Replacement

Supply or Install Services Available

Water Tank Roof Replacement

If the roof of your steel or concrete rural water tank is damaged or in need of a replacement, our friendly Rural Service team can assist you with getting a new one installed!

Our tank roof is made using the same high quality BlueScope steel as our Rhino water tanks to ensure longevity and long term durability.

  • We manufacture and install our own custom-made hot-dipped galvanised roof trusses 
  • We only use Australian made BlueScope steel
  • We can add vermin proofing to your newly installed roof (steel tanks only)

Water Tank Roof Trusses Replacement

Kingspan can supply or install our quality roof trusses for your water tank.

  • Designed to AS 1170 for either cyclonic or non-cyclonic regions
  • Fabricated from Hot Dipped Galvanised Steel
  • Made in Australia
  • Creates a “Dome” shaped roof
  • Bolted together on site

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