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          These pumps are suitable for our Urban water tank range only. For rural tank pumps, please contact us for advice.

Rhino Rural Water Tank Service

Rhino Rural Tank 5 Year Servicing Information

With a dedicated service department, our highly trained professionals will come out and service your tank to ensure that your water tank performs optimally. We can also assist whenever help is needed with your water tank.

Kingspan Rhino Rural Water Tanks have a five year service interval. When a water tank service is due, Kingspan Rhino will send you a service reminder so that you can make arrangements with our service team to get your tank serviced.
The service will include a complete check of the condition of the tank and surrounds from top to bottom, function of all tank components and the installation of new sacrificial anodes, which are crucial to protect your tank from corrosion.

Tank servicing starts from $308 (inc GST) to $616 (inc GST) inclusive of labour and replacement sacrificial anodes based on tank size and number of anodes being installed.

To ensure that your tank performs optimally, this service is mandatory for us to continuously offer the 20 year pro-rata warranty.

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If you need to book a service with us, please fill in the form above.
Upon receipt of the service form, we will confirm receipt and a representative will make contact with you to schedule the warranty service.
Due to the large volume of services to be completed, the scheduling of your visit may take several months; during this period you will continue to be covered under the terms and conditions of your warranty.