• Urban Water Tank Pumps

          These pumps are suitable for our Urban water tank range only. For rural tank pumps, please contact us for advice.

How To: 3D Water Tank Builder and AR

Create & customise your own water tank with the 3D Water Tank Builder and see it come to life in your space using AR.​

It’s easy to design the perfect Urban or Rural water tank to suit your needs using the 3D Water Tank Builder. Our online tool takes you through each step to create the water tank for you. Choose the right shape, size, colour, inlet and outlet positions, and add on accessories.

1. Choose Region

First up we need to know what state or territory the tank will be installed in.

2. Choose Tank Type

Select which tank type you are after.

For Urban you have the options of four types – Slimline, Round, Modline, and Square.

For Rural you have option of two tank types – Rhino with a corrugated profile, and Heritage with the option of a corrugated or streamline profile.

3. Dimensions

Our Urban Made to Measure water tanks allow for you to choose from a wide range of dimensions to allow the perfect customisable tank experience to fit your needs. Once you input the dimensions you can find out more information about that tank, such as the capacity and weight, and how it could service your household. Find out the specifications of your tank right down to the number of toilet flushes, hand watering hours and washing machine loads your water tank can do.

Our Rural water tanks come in numerous model types that you can choose from. When you select a model it will inform you on the total capacity of that tank type.

4. Colour

Choose from our full range of Colorbond colours, or BlueScope Zincalume. Once you select a colour watch your tank change colour to allow you to see what it will look like!

5. Inlet position(s) – Urban Range Only

Here you can decide where you want to position your inlet, or two, on your tank and which position you would like them in. The inlet is positioned on the tank roof where the rainwater enters your tank. If you’re unsure where to position it, select not sure for the position and one of our experts will help you out before your order is finalised.

6. Overflow position(s) – Urban Range Only

Next you can choose where your overflow is positioned on your tank. Choose from positions 1 through 12 or select not sure and one of our experts will help you out before your order is finalised.

7. Outlet position(s) – Urban Range Only

The last positions you will need to decide on is the outlet positions. Choose from positions 1 through 12 or select not sure and one of our experts will help you out before your order is finalised.

8. Choose addons

The last step is to decide if you would like any addons for your tank. These addons are specific to Urban and Rural tanks. This includes items such as fire fittings, pumps, the Smart Tank sensor, gutter systems and dust and vermin seals.

For Urban tanks, some of the addons will be dependent on the choices made throughout the design process of the inlet, outlet, and overflow positions.

Now that you have designed a tank, have a look at the 3D tank render, move it around and look at the inside and outside of the tank. You can utilise this tool to ensure it looks just like you expected. If something isn’t what you wanted, modify it on the relevant step and watch it change right in front of you.

Using our Augmented Reality tool to see how your water tank will look in real life, in your own space!

Now that you have your tank designed see it come to life using our Augmented reality tool for Android and iOS devices.

Once you have completed your design, you will be given an estimate price of your water tank. From there, you can request a quote including delivery and installation, from our team of Kingspan experts.