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          These pumps are suitable for our Urban water tank range only. For rural tank pumps, please contact us for advice.

Large steel water tanks have emerged as an important asset in fire awareness and protection strategies for farmers. Kingspan Water Tanks range of Rhino and Heritage tanks provide multifaceted benefits in mitigating the impact of bushfires.

Immediate Water Supply: When a fire breaks out, having access to a substantial water supply is critical. Water tanks ensure that farmers have an immediate source of water for firefighting efforts, aiding in the containment and suppression of fires.

Creating Firebreaks: Strategically positioned water tanks can help create firebreaks, clear areas devoid of flammable material and hinder the spread of flames. These defensible spaces protect farms and property, allowing farmers to combat fires more effectively.

Livestock Safety: Water tanks provide a vital source of water for livestock during fire emergencies. Ensuring that animals have access to water is essential for their health and survival under fire-threatened conditions.

On-Site Firefighting Infrastructure: By connecting pumps and hoses to water tanks, farmers can establish an on-site firefighting infrastructure. This immediate access to water empowers them to respond effectively before professional firefighting teams arrive.

Community Collaboration: Water tanks can also serve as communal resources, strengthening community firefighting efforts. Shared water sources enhance the overall firefighting capacity of the community and promote unity among neighbouring farmers.

Kingspan Water Tanks Rural Rhino and Heritage corrugated and streamline tanks range from 26,000L to 365,000L and are built tough in genuine BlueScope Steel to suit the harsh Australian conditions. Available in ZINCALUME® or the full range of genuine COLORBOND® colours, all tanks come with a unique 7-layer liner making them ideal for rural applications. Tanks are Australian-made ensuring we can control and ensure the quality of every aspect of the tank from manufacturing to installation. All Rural tanks come with a 20-year conditional warranty.

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