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It’s regarded as our second most precious resource, after people, and it is in short supply. The further inland you travel from the coastline, the rarer it is.

We’re talking about water, of course, and life on the land in the driest continent on the planet.

But there is a way to harvest water and use it adroitly as Wickliffe farmer Bill Water found a decade or more ago.

Walker Farming has been family-owned and operated enterprise for six generations and for the past 20 years it has been transitioning from a grazing and cropping operation to a pure cropping activity.

Water infrastructure has been a priority.

“In this part of Australia, we’re required to spray 4500 hectares of crops approximately eight times a year,” he said.

“That’s 640 litres per hectare, so it’s imperative to have clean water readily available.”

Enter Kingspan Water & Energy and its range of Rhino Tanks.

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Credit: Written by Alan Welburn for Stock & Land 01/04/2021

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