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          These pumps are suitable for our Urban water tank range only. For rural tank pumps, please contact us for advice.

Fire Protection Water Tanks

Compliant Water Storage For Fire Protection Systems

Made For Asset Protection And Firefighting

Kingspan’s range of Rhino commercial fire tanks is the reliable choice for properties that require dedicated water tanks for hydrants and/or fire protection systems. Our fire water tanks come with all the compliant fire tank signage, level indicators, anti-vortex outlets and other relevant nozzles. 

For rural properties, we can provide a suitably sized fire tank as a dedicated static water supply for asset protection or firefighting tanks for new homes with a bushfire overlay.

When enquiring about a fire water tank please note the EFFECTIVE CAPACITY which allows for the relevant air gap required by Australian Standards. 

Fire Fighting Water Tank Setups

All Kingspan Rhino fire tanks are individually customised from our range of Rural and Commercial water tanks to meet local and state regulations. Our in-house engineers can guide you through any question that you might have.

Mandatory Fire Reserve and Fire Coupling on A Standard Rural Tank

A water tank with the mandatory water reserve for firefighting required for the property, fitted with a 50mm or 65mm outlet and coupling suited to state and local regulations. This is a standard Rural Tank with the domestic supply outlet raised to ensure the firefighting reserve is maintained in the tank.

Fire Protection Tank to AS2304

Fire Protection Tank to AS2304 which makes up part of a fire protection system. The tank can be used as both a break tank and storage water for Fire Protection complying with AS2419. To meet the requirements of AS2304 each tank is fitted with our heavy-duty side access manway and platform complete with handrails, fixed internal and external ladders designed to AS1657. Tanks are to be constructed on a concrete foundation.

Water Storage for Rural/Country Fire Brigade

Tank storing water designated for use by the local fire brigade in remote or rural area. Tanks typically have a 150mm Antivortex outlet to AS2419 with connections and requirements as specified by the local fire authority for that area. Tanks can be constructed on a sand pad where the outlet connection for the fire brigade is projected immediately from the tank wall. Tanks with additional outlet arrangements may require concrete foundation. It’s typical for the requirements to be provided in a report from the local fire authority for that area (such as the Victorian CFA)

Water Storage for Fire Protection to AS2419

A Commercial Water Tank where all or part of the water is reserved to be used for purpose of Fire Protection complying with AS2419. Where the requirements of the tank can’t be achieved in a Rural Tank, the water reserved for fire protection can be stored in a Commercial Water Tank providing a much greater flexibility in the design and range of sizes. Water may be used by the fire brigade or as part of a fire protection system. Tanks are to be constructed on a concrete foundation.

Residential Aquaplate Fire Tanks

Having a tank for static emergency water storage may be a requirement if you are building in a bushfire zone according to BAL ratings 12.5; 19; 29; and 40.

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