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Tank Sensor



Kingspan’s Tank Sensor is an innovative water tank solution which uses smart technology and the Telstra 4G network to manage and monitor your water tank remotely from anywhere and anytime.

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Additional App Features:

-Keep your tank details handy, such as the serial number and capacity

-Register your tank so you can keep track of your warranty and receive important updates

-Receive timely reminders to clean your tank filters when the season changes (link to change of season webpage here)

-Watch handy DIY videos so you can learn how to simply maintain your tank

-Book a service visit

-Receive notifications on your phone or via email

-Maintain a log of all tank related activities

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a Kingspan Tank for the sensor to work?

No you don’t. The sensor works for any tank regardless who the tank is from.

Can the sensor be installed on my poly tank?

The sensor can be installed on all types of tanks: Steel, poly and concrete

What does the app do?

The app is a great tool for managing the operability of your water tank. Firstly, by registering your tank, you extend the warranty. Secondly, the app is very useful for DIY videos on care and maintenance of your tank. Thirdly, the app has a servicing function, that allows you to skip the phone queue and book a service for your tank if you identify an issue. One of the service team will call you back when they are available. Finally, you can set up reminders via text or email to ensure that your keep looking after your tank. And you can choose which days the reminders are sent!

What do I get out of the sensor?

The sensor and the app are a useful tool for recording your water levels in your tank. You can see how much water you are using and then see a history of your water in, water out and water levels through the chart function. The sensor brings your tank to a new level and allows for better monitoring of the precious water.

How does the sensor work?

The sensor sends out ultrasonic waves and when it bounces off the water, it calculates how far the water level is. Very similar to sonar in submarines! This happens every hour and then once a day the sensor sends all the recorded data to a database, using a Telstra sim card. From here, the database sends your water level data to your app.

What does the calibrate button do?

The calibrate button is useful for owners of non-Kingspan tanks, or where the Serial Number of a Kingspan Tank can not be found. When the tank reaches max capacity, hitting the calibrate button will assign this as your new 100% reading. This is based on the Ullage Gap. Please Note. This is only to be used when the tank is full and overflowing. Any other use will lead to inaccurate measurements.

What is the Ullage Gap?

The ullage gap is the distance between the bottom of the sensor and the bottom of the overflow outlet. This is an important aspect as it determines where your 100% will be. Incorrect ullage gap will create inaccurate results. This is the first aspect to look at when troubleshooting.

What happens if my sensor is not installed at 90 degrees or perfectly vertical?

The sensor will start to give inaccurate readings. This issue is mostly identified by looking at your charts and noticing that your water in= water out. It is good practice to level the top of your tank first and note any small degree changes.

How long does the battery last?

The battery lasts approximately 5years based on the current setting of data transfer. However, extreme heat will reduce the battery life.


    With a Kingspan tank, you can rest assured that you have support for the long term. Kingspan Water & Energy Pty Limited warrants the AQUAPLATE® range of steel water tanks as follows:

    • 1 Year

    All our tanks come with a 10 year construction warranty and 20 year warranty against corrosion. Click here for comprehensive warranty information.

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