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Using rainwater tanks to harvest and save rainwater will help reduce the built environment’s environmental footprint as well as lower utility costs. Although rainwater tanks are not compulsory in every Australian state and territory, they are becoming key features in new build projects or when making significant changes to an existing property.

When designing a rainwater tank, designers often prioritise functional considerations such as size, capacity and placement. However, with the growing range of shapes, materials and finishes available, water tanks can be made to blend in with the landscape or enhance a home or building’s aesthetic.

Designers and owners no longer need to worry about rainwater tanks compromising their creative vision. Kingspan Water Tanks, Australia’s trusted water tank brand, supplies long-lasting steel water tanks in a range of styles that can be matched to any home design. Below, we look at a few notable examples.


Contemporary homes are functional and minimalist dwellings with a focus on sleek lines, sparse ornamentation, and natural materials. Expansive glazing walls, concrete and timber are on trend, with a focus on natural light, energy efficiency and sustainability. Contemporary-style homes respond to the surrounding landscape and create spaces where form meets function.

The rounded ends of Kingspan Water Tanks’ Slimline Tank create a sleek, modern look that is perfectly in harmony with modern styles. With the ability to customise the length, width and height, the slimline water tank can be made to fit in the space available. Choose Galvanised steel or the dark steel tones of Monument in Colorbond® to compliment the organic hues of wood or to accentuate the industrial aesthetic of cement grey.


Corrugated roofing, a sandstone chimney, stone walls, and cast-iron brackets characterise the Australian country home. The earthy colour palette works intuitively with the sunburnt surroundings.

Referencing the prototypical Australian country aesthetic, Kingspan Water Tanks’ Round Water Tanks are robust tanks with minimal seams and a classic round look. Specify it in galvanised steel not only for practicality and durability but also to capture a timeless and rustic style.


Federation-era homes are modelled after English Edwardian homes, which may be identified by their red bricks and traditional ornamentation. With the inclusion of patios and verandahs, opening up internal space, and a preference for greenery throughout, Federation houses transform the style into something more suitable for Australian climates.

Kingspan Water Tanks’ Round Water Tank in Manor Red is the perfect match for the red brick exteriors. Sturdy yet elegant, the Round Water Tank plays off the style’s traditional foundations, providing a striking blend of old and new.


Traditionally, Hamptons-style homes favour timber exteriors with horizontal weatherboard cladding and coastal colours. Detailing such as beautiful balustrades, window trims and pillars adds character to the quintessential Hampton’s facade.

Neutral tones such as white, creams and light greys for cladding are popular in the Hamptons style. Match these tones with a Kingspan Water Tanks’ Slimline Tank in Surfmist or Classic Cream. This tank’s corrugated exterior also highlights the horizontal lines on the building’s exterior cladding.

Mid-century modern

Clean lines, angular shapes, and playful colour schemes are hallmarks of mid-century modern architecture. These buildings often feature large windows, cantilevered walls and flat-facing surfaces, with an approach that marries indoor spaces with the outside.

Kingspan Water Tanks’ Modline Tank in the range of Colorbond colours allows you to match to your property, or pick a different colour create a Cottage Green can provide a cool, calming contrast to warmer tones, while the tanks its muted curves complement the style’s bold forms.

Kingspan Water Tanks are more than just a tank. The sleek designs and premium materials not only provide a long-lasting, high-quality product, but help to elevate the properties design. While it’s difficult to quantify the exact dollar value a rainwater tank adds to a house, it can certainly enhance the property’s appeal to potential buyers, potentially leading to a quicker sale and a better resale value.

Made to measure in four shapes and available in hundreds of sizes, Kingspan Water Tanks are the perfect choice to find the right tank for you.

Jump online and use our Kingspan Water Tanks 3D Water Tank Builder and AR tool to see the shapes, sizes, and full range of Colorbond colours come to life!

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