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The Kingspan Water Tanks team delivered 23 Garden Beds in various sizes and colours, and a Shale Grey 3000L Slimline Water Tank to the Bedford Park Community Garden. Kingspan’s Garden beds are strategically positioned at the front of the community garden for maximum visibility. They are situated along a popular bike and walking path, so they will be visible to a wide audience, including students from the local school.


The Community Garden Tank and Garden Beds Project has been a long-standing endeavour at the Bedford Park Community Garden, spanning over a decade from conception. The project’s conception involved a collaboration with permaculture experts and extensive community engagement, emphasising a collective approach to planning. The excitement around the projects immediate success and positive impact reflects the collective efforts that have been invested over the years. Everyone is eager to witness the transformation of this long-cherished vision into a thriving and sustainable community garden. The project aims to transform the open space into a vibrant and inclusive community garden that not only beautifies the surroundings but also serves as an educational hub and resource for various community groups.


The community garden beds cater to diverse groups, including migrant communities seeking a connection to gardening, and individuals with disabilities. The garden centre is designed for easy wheelchair accessibility, as they are committed to inclusivity. Collaborating with community members and organisations, the project aims to empower individuals with gardening knowledge, providing a space for shared learning and growth. The garden beds are open to the public, providing an accessible platform for community members to engage in gardening activities. The primary use of these garden beds includes planting edible foods such as vegetables and herbs, along with indigenous plants. Moreover, the garden beds will play a

crucial role in numerous workshops and programs, serving as practical examples for hands-on learning experiences. Topics covered in these sessions range from propagation and grafting to seed raising, plant identification, pest and weed management, and soil preparation. Anticipating increased excitement and interest, Bedford Park Community Garden hopes to engage the community in sustainable gardening practices and foster a sense of pride and ownership.


This project aligns with Bedford Park Community Garden’s sustainability goals by enabling community members to grow their own food. Additionally, the garden beds will serve as receptacles for compost generated on-site. The centre is dedicated to composting all food scraps, contributing to waste reduction, and improving the quality of soil in the garden beds. The Community Garden Tank and Garden Beds Project represents a culmination of community vision, sustainability goals, and educational initiatives. By repurposing tanks into accessible garden beds, the project aims to enrich the community’s connection with nature, promote sustainable practices, and foster a sense of shared responsibility and learning.

You can ‘Build Your Own Garden Bed ‘ using our Slimline Garden Bed Builder, or our Round Garden Bed Builder to create your own sustainable garden!

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