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          These pumps are suitable for our Urban water tank range only. For rural tank pumps, please contact us for advice.

The Project

This project was commissioned by the City of Sydney Council to audit the use and condition of 48 different rainwater harvesting systems around Central and Eastern Sydney.

Kingspan Water & Energy were asked to highlight existing areas of efficient rainwater harvesting sites along with areas of concern and improvement. This ensures systems are being used effectively to reduce water consumption at each site.

Overall, most rainwater systems were performing their function of collecting and storing rainwater for reuse, effectively reducing water usage. However, we found opportunities to improve the systems performance and water quality.

Many tanks were full prior to the major rain events in Sydney in February 2020. This indicated that tanks were not being used as they should not be full during the NSW drought event and with water restrictions in place. Kingspan was able to determine the reasons for the systems being inefficient and why the water quality was poor.

At the end of each inspection, Kingspan provided each site with a completed maintenance warranty log.

When a rainwater harvesting system is set up correctly with the minimum maintenance performed regularly and is utilised by people who understand the value of water, great results can be achieved.

All rainwater systems require regular servicing for users to receive full benefits. A small DIY maintenance each quarter and a major service every 3-5 years can help systems last and perform efficiently for a very long time.




Rainwater Harvesting Asset Assessment