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Kingspan’s Rhino Water Tank installed at Koorda GBH Grain depot in WA
Kingspan Water Tanks, a trusted provider of high-quality water storage solutions, supplied an RT200 197,000L Zincalume® Water Tank to the Koorda CBH Grain Depot in Western Australia. The Department of Water and Environmental Regulation (DWER) prioritised purchasing through local suppliers for this project. A local supplier, Agri-Stock Tanks, was contracted by DWER to supply the water tank for the CBH group site.
After deciding on the Rhino Water Tank, Agri-Stock worked with the Kingspan Water Tanks team to deliver and install the Rhino RT200 197,000L Zincalume® Water Tank at the CBH site in Koorda.
DWER has an ongoing program to install water tanks throughout the Wheatbelt region of WA, aiming to boost rainwater capacity for drinking and other water needs due to the region’s limited rainfall. The installed Rhino Water Tank will help increase the town of Koorda’s water supply.