• Urban Water Tank Pumps

          These pumps are suitable for our Urban water tank range only. For rural tank pumps, please contact us for advice.

A local nursery and landscaping supplier in Coonabidgee (Gingin) WA is known for its offering of a wide variety of plants including flowers, shrubs and trees along with gardening supplies such as soil, fertilisers, tools and water tanks. Owned and operated by Michael Liddelow who has expert advice on all aspects of plant care and landscaping.

Michael understands the importance of water tanks in terms of practicality and sustainability in the greater Perth area because his plants require water all year round, in a location where 75% of the rainfall occurs in just four months of the year.

The other issue Michael has is that the local bore water is too high in iron content. This prompted Michael to decide on a tank system designed to settle out the iron from the bore water and “shandy” it with the rainwater from his shed roof, prior to using it on his nursery stock.

The system that Michael decided on was three Kingspan tanks in a line extending from the end of his shed, utilising some space not yet taken up by fruit trees. The idea being that he would harvest rainwater into Kingspan tank 1 and raw bore water into Kingspan tank 3.

The bore water is aerated and settled in Kingspan tank 3 prior to being pumped to Kingspan tank 2 for further aeration and settling. The clean bore water is then pumped from Kingspan tank 2 to the rainwater tank for mixing prior to use with the nursery’s overhead sprinkler system.

Michael is well known and regarded in the Gingin area and decided to purchase his tanks from Kingspan based purely on quality and service. Micheal decided to buy one of each of the three Kingspan models to achieve his aim for the Gingin Nursery.

Tank # 1 Heritage Rainwater Tank HGT090 Zincalume – Streamline tank 90,430ltrs.

Tank # 2 Heritage Settling Tank CT06 Colorbond Monument – Corrugated tank 27,390ltrs.

Tank # 3 Rhino Bore water Tank RT25 Colorbond Ironstone – Corrugated tank 26,067ltrs.

Interested customers can view the various Kingspan tanks in operation prior to ordering them from Michael at Gingin Nursery.