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The Project

Clydevale Holsteins Dairy Farm, a fourth generation family farm which covers 2,700 acres was looking to upgrade their dairy.  The Dee family wanted a bigger shade area for the animals and a more efficient way to milk the cows. The hours spent at the dairy meant the family of farmers found their work /life balance challenging.

Their vision was to create a farm capable of handling up to 500 milking cows that would not require constant on farm supervision. Their herd had to be very content, and production would be maintained throughout the year.

What resulted was a brand new industrial shed (92m long X 57m wide) to house 8 state of the art milking robots, drafting gates, feed lanes and animal husbandry areas. The milking robots allow the cows to decide when they want to eat, drink, relax or be milked.

As part of the shed design, Kingspan was contacted to provide advice on how best to harvest approximately 4.1 million litres of rainfall from the impressive shed.

Kingspan supplied and installed six RT-230 (234,562L) Colorbond Rhino water tanks, part for reuse in the dairy, and part to be static water in the unlikely event of fire.

The Dee family is full of praise at the result, for improving not only their work/life balance, but also creating a healthy herd and targeted production levels beyond their widest dream.


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