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Kingspan Install Heritage Water Tanks at Camp Courage for The 4 Aussie Heroes Foundation.

The Kingspan Water Tanks team delivered and installed three 160,000L CT35 Heritage Water Tanks at the Camp Courage site. The water tanks are to facilitate Australia’s first live-in program “Camp Courage”, assisting military and first responder personnel suffering from PTSD and other mental health issues as a result of their service. To launch this program, it involved a large amount of community contribution including, volunteering, fundraising, research, and professional health input for developing recovery programs.

In 2022, Gerry and Renita Garard the founders of the 4 Aussie Heroes Foundation, gifted Camp Courage 32 acres of land to build on, located in rural Southeast Queensland. The 4 Aussie Heroes Foundation and Camp Courage both aim to support military and first responder personnel, past and present, who are suffering with PTSD and other related mental health issues as a result of serving our communities and Nation. They started further developing the programs and constructing the live-in facilities, purposely designed to deliver the world-best-practice rehabilitation in a natural rural environment. The program respectively identifies and assists with their struggling mental health, facilitates skills and knowledge building to overcome challenges and improve their mental health by encourage support people to play an imperative role in their recovery.

Since 2022, construction has progressed with internal roadways and connecting power and water supply to the Camp Courage site. In 2024, Camp Courage aspire to have more than 75% of the live-in retreat construction completed with community contributions, fundraising and government financial assistance. Kingspan’s three large Heritage Water Tanks at the Camp Courage site will contribute to their water supply management as they progress further in the construction process. The water tanks will help manage their water supply more efficiently and sustainably, as well as decrease the amount of dependency on external water supplies.

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