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drought background

Across Australia, farmers grapple with the persistent challenge of capricious weather patterns. Amidst this atmospheric unpredictability, El Niño emerges as a formidable adversary, distinguished by prolonged dry spells and rising temperatures, casting a looming shadow over the country’s vital agricultural sector. Australia Braces for Most Severe Fire Season in Nearly Two Decades

Australia is on high alert as it gears up to face its most formidable fire season in the past 18 years. With a deep sense of urgency, communities, firefighters, and authorities are preparing to confront the imminent challenges of a fire season that threatens to surpass the severity of nearly two decades past.

The unwelcome arrival of El Niño can have dire consequences, imperilling crop yields and livestock well-being. Faced with this meteorological uncertainty, astute farmers are turning to Rhino and Heritage tanks.

National Sales Manager Peter Jefferies underscores the significance of this proactive approach, noting, “Investing in a quality Rhino or Heritage tank now can make all the difference as we head into drier periods and face high fire risks predicted by the Bureau of Meteorology. When the rains are scarce during El Niño, having a reliable water source for crops and livestock can make all the difference.”

The Rhino & Heritage Advantage

These steel water tanks epitomise resilience, constructed to withstand the harshest Australian conditions. With capacities ranging from 26,000 to an impressive 365,000 litres, farmers have a wealth of options to suit their specific needs. Whether opting for BlueScope ZINCALUME® or the full spectrum of COLORBOND® colours, peace of mind comes as standard. The inclusion of on-site installation service and a robust 20-year conditional warranty ensures these tanks are more than products; they are steadfast promises.

“In the parched Australian landscape, Rhino and Heritage Water Tanks offer the lifeline that farmers need to endure prolonged droughts and sustain their operations amid the unforgiving dry spells,” underscores their significance in our agricultural landscape.

Maximising Opportunities for Farmers

To sweeten the deal, there are rebate schemes such as the On-farm Emergency Water Infrastructure Rebate Scheme (extended to 30 June 2024), encouraging farmers to harness the potential of these water storage solutions.

Farmers can explore the Rhino and Heritage Steel Water Tanks online at https://kingspanwatertanks.com.au/rural-water-tanks/ or connect with the dedicated team at 1800 632 410 to embark on a journey towards enhanced water security.

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