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The Project

Located in the centre of Ripley Queensland, the Ripley Town Centre is on track to become the sustainable urban hub for the community.

The $1.5 billion project has earnt the 5 Star Green Star Design & As Built accreditation after demonstrating initiatives to reduce the impact of climate change, promote sustainability within the built environmental and improve quality of life.

Innovative design and planning led to the installation of 1,800 individual solar panels, rainwater harvesting and stormwater systems and integration of a public transport hub.

The first stage, a marketplace-style area, is due to be completed this month with a 3,800sqm Coles supermarket being one of the main attractions for residents.

Kingspan is proud to have four Modline Steel tanks installed. Together, the tanks have the potential to harvest 25,200 litres of rainwater a year. The rainwater will be reused for toilet flushing and landscape irrigation.

The Modline shape was selected for maximum storage, efficient use of space and to accommodate large commercial fittings. Surfmist, the chosen Colorbond colour, also suited the colour scheme of the building perfectly.

The made to measure nature of Kingspan’s steel water tanks proved to be advantageous for this project as the client wanted a commercial tank system that would take up most of the available space, allowing for maximum water storage capacity.

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