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The Project

Marrickville Library and Pavilion, NSW

The new library precinct embodies modern design and state of the art technology while preserving the history of the Marrickville. Sustainability is evident throughout the whole project with recycled materials and reduced energy consumption strategies featuring wherever possible.

This impressive project features:

  • 3,600m² library and event space spread over three storeys
  • 1,200m² of landscaped outdoor garden and a 100m² children’s playground
  • 1,230+ linear metres of shelving for the library collection
  • Conferencing facilities and the latest technology designed for meetings and learning
  • A technology teaching area

In the garden are 6 magnificent Kingspan Round corrugated water tanks which significantly add to the overall architectural design of the landscape.

The corrugated tanks are used as additional water storage. The rainwater from the new building roof and the western side of the old hospital roof is piped into the largest tank and then overflows to fill the remaining tanks. When full, the tanks overflow to the basement water retention storage tank (directly below the Kingspan tanks). Excess water is discharged to the street after flowing through a stormwater 360 filtration system.

Harvested water is used for all toilets in the building and for irrigation. When there is insufficient water stored the water supply automatically switches to mains water.

The Kingspan tank system assisted in achieving one of the 47 Environmental Sustainable Design Criteria for the project design.


  • 3 x Round 7,660L tanks and 3 x Round 11,250L tanks
  • All tanks were supplied in Galvanised AQUAPLATE steel

Photography credit: Philip Noller Photography