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The Project

When choosing water storage units for the Conargo Feedlot at Boonoke Station, Deniliquin, an enterprise of Australian Food and Agriculture, efficiency and fitting the business model were front of mind.

With a holding capacity for 5,000 cattle and 15,000 sheep, the feedlot on the 48,000-hectare property required a lot of water storage, and the managers were looking to invest in tanks predominantly based on price, warranty and a quality, trusted brand.

In 2017, they had nine Kingspan’s Rhino rural tanks installed as part of the feedlot build, which took a year to complete. Each tank has a capacity of 275,284L and collectively they hold 2,477,556L.

“Firstly it came down to price per litre because we had to put so many [tanks] in,” says Conargo Feedlot manager James Sage. “We use eight tanks to supply the feedlot operation and the other is used to capture rainwater run off from the sheds.”

“Then there was the 20-year warranty on them. They’ve got one of the better warranties out there.

“We also tried to keep it as local as we could and there was a Kingspan in town so we decided to go there. We knew it was a trusted brand as lots of farmers around here have their tanks.”

The feedlot is a sizable operation but the Kingspan Rhino rural tanks range is made for any businesses big or small, their capacity ranging from 26,000 litres up to 365,000 litres.

For farmers looking to invest in on-farm water storage, James says he’d recommend the Kingspan range on the basis of design and convenience.

The tanks are built to last with Australian BlueScope steel, and come with an Infinity tank liner to ensure stored water stays fresh, taste-free and is protected from contaminants.

Each tank is installed with a reinforced food-grade five-layer polyethylene liner which means they’ll stand the test of time.

“The lining is still in great quality and there’s been no contamination. It was just so easy because it was all installed onsite, we just hooked up the water, set them in place and then filled them all the way up,” says James.

They’re just so easy to assemble, everything’s done for you on site. They’ve also got a good roof on them which is an added bonus to keep algae out. I also like corrugated sheds for keeping water cooler for livestock. – Conargo Feedlot manager James Sage

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