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Leaf Eater 80-90mm


The classic Leaf Eater Original has been keeping leaves, mosquitoes and debris out of rainwater harvesting systems for over 17 years.

This dual screen system rain head is reliable and easy to install to keep your harvested rainwater clean.

Suitable for 80-90mm configurations.

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Improve Your Captured Rainwater Quality
The Leaf Eater™ Original’s dual screen system helps you keep leaves, mosquitoes and other debris out of your downpipes, reducing sources of contamination to keep your harvested rainwater cleaner.

Minimize Splash Loss Caused By Blockage
By effectively sheding leaves off its surface, Leaf Eater allows water to flow unimpeded and with minimal “splash-loss” oftenly caused by leaves or debris build up. This means that you get more water in your tank even under heavy flows.

Easy to Install
The Leaf Eater can be easily mounted beneath gutters or, in dry systems, closer to the ground for more convenient cleaning. It can also be painted to match your property.


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